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Salutations, all. My group Song of the Broad-Axe Publications will be staging our next play RUSS at the Athenaeum Theatre in September. Auditions will be held Sunday, June 3rd at the Annoyance Theatre. The lead roles will be paid $100 and the smaller roles will be paid $75. Of primary important to us is finding the right person for the titular role of RUSS; and so if you, or anyone you know, is a dynamic actor, with a wide range, and you, or they, happen also to be bald, the role will be perfect.




Fresh off successful shows of The Sally in January, Song of the Broad-Axe Publications is now preparing the new play RUSS by Russell Block. The play is a political farce centering around a campaign for the United States senate in Illinois. Shakespeare wrote the histories of England’s monarchy. Now, and perhaps especially now, it will be imperative for the American playwright to write the American futures. From these ten listed characters, the play will utilize costume changes and similar devices to achieve its other parts: Max, Rival, Detective, Bardolpho, some of RUSS’ cousins, and others encountered in the hellish after-math of catastrophe.




The play is to be staged at the Atheneum theatre, on Thursday, September 20th, to Sunday, September 23rd. We will rehearse once weekly throughout June, twice weekly throughout July and August, and nightly in September leading up to the show. For the most part, these rehearsals will take place in a private residence in Portage Park. For the intensive rehearsals of September, space will be rented. 





The central figure of the play, an ex-artist, RUSS abandoned his former vocation to pursue a dubious career in politics. He is under investigation for alleged crimes from before the current campaign. The character is bald.




A one-time ward of the state, RUSS’ wife Beth is shrewdly invested in the success of her husband at most any cost.




A guised evocation of Virgil, Benjamin is the chief advisor to RUSS, and walks him through the hazards and visions of hell the modern world contains.




The incumbent senator and mentor to RUSS. Set to retire, it is his seat that is the goal of this campaign.




John’s wife, she is uncertain of how she will handle life in light of her husband’s retirement. 




A young staffer on the campaign, and a highly ambitious one.




A young staffer on the campaign, Mack has grave difficulties in his personal life his colleagues are want to disregard.




A young staffer on the campaign, she is career minded such that she can meet her mother’s expectations.



A young staffer on the campaign, and a local of Chicago, he has broad-ranging thoughts on life and is given much to expressing them in full.




With an eye for all things silver, she visits RUSS one night at home, and in this repartee reveals the fateful role she is to play in the campaign.

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