Acting Out Awareness

Acting Out Awareness

Reflect. Engage. Inspire.


Our Mission

Acting Out Awareness partners with communities undergoing major lifestyle changes to reinforce new habits by connecting them with their values. We specialize in training youth to become community health promoters, performers, and change agents campaigning for positive social change through the arts.


Our Vision

To give marginalized and vulnerable populations the authority and skills necessary to tell their story, confront their challenges, and create their future.


Core Values

·         Trust- Creating a safe space free from judgment and shame

·         Empathy- Being an active and compassionate listener

·         Courage- Taking emotional risks to tell your story with openness and vulnerability

·         Service- Using positions of authority and leadership to give power to others

·         Accountability- Owning the positive and negative consequences of our actions

·         Diversity- Viewing differences in perspective, beliefs, culture and history as wholeness, not brokenness

·         Hope- Choosing to see the world for its possibilities and potential

·         Community- Sharing work, joys, and struggles together whenever possible


What We Do


Reflect-           We give participants information on the relevant social                                                 issues of their community. We ask them to analyze what they do or                do not like about their situation.


Engage-           We give participants a safe space to discuss and explore new ideas                 and stories. We help them connect abstract values to concrete                                 actions.


Inspire-            We provide the tools and support necessary for participants to claim             their voice and use it to enact change in their communities.




Who We Are


Witness: One who can give a firsthand account of something seen, heard, or felt


The best way to describe the role of an AOA facilitator is that of a witness. Our goal is to experience what the participants can create and discover. To do this we will at times be giving information, teaching new skills, mediating discussions, and supervising activities. However, our primary focus is that of a listener. Rather than getting caught up in the information we need to share, we should focus on giving the youth the time and space to discover it for themselves.

Chicago  Illinois
United States